About Us

We are an online leather gloves retailer. We sell excellent leather gloves in an enormous assortment: casual, fitness, driving, night and excessively long show gloves for all events. Leather Gloves organization was established in 2008 in Eastern Europe, where individuals value being exquisite and fashionable. Leather Gloves began as a little family run business. Our organization’s primary qualities are a singular way to deal with every single client and treating similarly purchasers from all nations.

We send our items everywhere throughout the world and we are making many companions among our clients. Our primary objective is to sell just great things. We like to intrigue our clients with exceptional quality and extremely reasonable sensible costs. Every one of our models is selective and remarkable, we don’t sell duplicates or fakes of some boisterous brands. We generally treat our clients the manner in which we like to be dealt with, with customized administration, simple trades, and returns, brief and neighborly correspondence, overall conveyance. We just offer items that we are pleased to sell and answerable for their high caliber.